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4 Ways to Style Chunky Boots

by London Rebel Development Admin 05 Oct 2022

Surely you are familiar with the chunky boot trend, right? Well we're here to let you know it's not going away and it's only getting stronger. From chunky boots, to loafers, lace-up shoes or even just platform heels - the higher the better! As you start to see new styles dropping we want you to feel confident that you can make this trend work. Here's 4 ways to style your newest chunky footwear purchase.

#1 - Effortlessly Cool

cherrichella boot styling tip 1

While this looks appears to be effortless, it is very achievable with some quality statement pieces. We love the oversized shearling jacket! (Almost matches are shearling bag & hat) This is so easily paired back with black tights and your favourite oversized black hoodie or sweatshirt. Our Nonda boot in black is great for this option because the lycra gusset hugs to the foot which will match your tights. 

#2 - Distressed Comfort

Chunky boot style tip #2

We will be the first to put our hands up and say we love denim. Denim and heels, denim and boots, denim and sandals - it really is the perfect combo. This look is us to tee! The rolled cuff with a little fray and showing just enough ankle before you see the topline of the boot - obsessed! Where do you buy your denim? Some of our favourites: Bassike, Assembly Label and Rolla's. The great thing about blue denim is you can pair it back with so many different colour options of boots. Check out our Munich boot in black or olive for this look.

#3 - Business Meeting & Drinks

cherrichella chunky boot styling tip 3

This look exudes confidence in our opinion. Long flowing dress with a tailored blazer and chunky boots. It says I'm ready for business before I meet the girls for celebratory drinks. Having been in and out of lockdown over the last few years we are all craving comfort but want to still dress up and look good. This look is the perfect combo. You could easily pair back with our flat chunky chelsea boots (Nonda) or add some height to the look and wear with our platform Prince boot.

#4 - Legs & Boots

cherrichella styling tip #4

If you're like us and you live in Melbourne - this can be a tough look to achieve in the heart of winter. However there is no denying that chunky boots and bare legs are a thing. Whether its a skirt or a pair of leather shorts like the look above, black on black always works. The pop of colour with a bag or hat will make you stand out from the rest. We also love this type of look with our chunky Nixon lace-up shoes wither in smooth or croc patent. Combine with a short sock and you have yourself a preppy look to be envied. 

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Designed in Melbourne, cherrichella is your new favourite women’s footwear label with modern staples using premium non-leather materials. We believe in quality over quantity, and produce a limited size run of each cherrichella style. From women’s heels to sandals, sneakers and boots, our shoes were made to be worn all the time. Enjoy free shipping in Australia on orders over $80. Kindness goes a long way, $1 of every sale goes to an Aussie project of need within our community.

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